Monday, October 24, 2005

Jammin Molloya snaps

Jammin’ Molloy—a snapshot 10/25

In a Heraklion restaurant, a ten or twelve-year-old kid came up to Molloy’s table, rapped a few notes on a little drum, and held out his hand for a donation.

Little did this young fellow know that drumming is Molloy’s heartbeat. Molloy rapped a few of his own favorite rhythms and, himself hoping for a generous donation—he had played several more beats--extended his own hand. The kid was nonplussed and played a little more. Molloy responded in kind. The exchange continued for several minutes, unresolved.

Molloy finally caught on to the kid’s wish (in truth, Molloy had known all along) and donated a few coins. Let it be recorded for posterity that Molloy, as is the case on most gigs he plays in the States, went unrequited.


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